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What is a

Wi-Fi survey?

A Wi-Fi site survey is a blueprint for your Wi-Fi network. When planning a Wi-Fi network, you need to consider all environmental factors that can affect your Wi-Fi performance, such as interference, infrastructure limitations, required coverage, as well as the total number of devices to be serviced. Every environment is unique, your Wi-Fi solution should be too.

We work off of proof,

not opinion.

We collect and analyze data to provide a report of our findings. Our data-drive report provides guidance to identify what needs to be done to create a successful Wi-Fi network, instead of a network based on estimates and poor planning.

Our Wi-Fi Site Surveys

Predictive Design

Our Predictive Wi-Fi site survey allows us to take any blueprint, identify interior walls and structural obstacles, and plan where to install access points for an optimal Wi-Fi experience. We conduct this survey before construction begins. This allows our team to provide a survey report that shows the ideal locations to install network infrastructure, such as cabling and mounting hardware.

Attenuation Survey

Our attenuation Wi-Fi site survey allows technicians to measure your existing network coverage, interference and signal strength. This survey is best used when adding or upgrading your existing wireless network.


Validation Survey

Our validation Wi-Fi site survey helps determine the efficiency of already active APs. This is often part of the passive survey, but with an Active survey, we focus on individual access point performance and the network traffic running through it. This survey measures network traffic, throughput packet loss, and data rates.

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